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We are a custom remodeling company.

Our ability to provide you with details such as custom cabinetry to match your project help to set us apart from some of the more production oriented companies.Equally important to us is providing a personalized service to you our customer.

Your Custom Personalized Retreat is transformed from concept through design to reality with your participation in the design process. Whether it is a new Master Bath which welcomes you home to your own personalized solitude, or a new Kitchen which invites your friends and family into your home

With the inclusion of your own personal design assistant we are sure to provide you with a design uniquely your own.

Material selections in the Denver Metro area have many more options than that which the big box stores carry.
And you need not spend a fortune to utilize these other resources.
Your project is already going to cost thousands of dollars so even if you do choose a higher end or unique material the end result will be one which really adds that extra touch.
The way we look at it why go through the process and spend the money if you are planning on building a display at one of the home centers.

How do we begin the design process?
Menu items
are a way we help you to decide on the sometimes overwhelming array of product designs, features and cost.We put together menu items from a larger list initially and then begin to narrow the focus as the design process progresses.

Can we make subtle changes as the project is being built?
Open Design Development
is another area which we have some appreciation for.
A unique process to many builders due to the extra work required.
We actually invite some changes if we see something that would work out better as we are building.
This may mean something as simple as the electrical layout which can often be better visualized after the framing is installed. It can also mean framing or finish componants as well.
Of course we make these changes only with careful scrutiny to ensure it is not going to effect something else in the build or change the cost beyond your comfort level.
All changes are handled with Change Of Work Orders so that we all know what changes have been approved and their costs prior to completion of those items.

Cost savings
Cost is certainly important.
Our pricing typically will fall in the middle of our competition within other professional contractors.

Should you pick the cheapest contractor?
First you must determine if you are asking professional reliable contractors to look at your project and then analyze what it is they are bidding.
We are often asked to provide a bid on a project which has little or no planning completed.
When comparing "bids" for your project with this type of preparation the chances are that a low bid really means someone didn't price a componant of the project.
This is why it is so important to place the planning into the project with the upmost importance.

Determine your needs
First determine what it is that you are wanting to have completed.

Should you choose the most expensive contractor?
Although this sounds like a foolish question it does sometimes apply to certain clients and their lifestyles.

If you are very busy and have little time to invest in either the design or construction process and wish to place your faith in the entire process you should expect to pay a premium.

Also if you desire to push a project faster than it can typically be completed and desire only the best custom materials you should expect to pay a premium.

The work which go's into the project is conducent to the costs which it will incur.

Likewise if you would like to hire someone to build a project , have full plans and specifications and you will handle the scheduling also managing payment for goods and services you should be able to shop for a lower cost.

Most people fall in the middle of these and have some time to invest in the design and construction process, but would like a professional to create the design, specifications, job and payment schedules as well as the management of the process.

How do we save you costs?
Today's digital networking has offered opportunities to companies not realized in years past.
It is becoming more apparent to many companies that much of the day to day digital paperwork can be accomplished from a home office.
By doing so the company can not only save costs but also encourage more productivity by allowing their team to complete the work from their own home office.
This also allows the team more time to spend with their families and the opportunity to set the hours in the day rather than having the beat of the clock dictate their day.
The costs savings we realize by using our home offices can then also be passed on to you.
We also find that because your home is our project, meeting at the project for those meetings really seems to make the most sense.


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