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If you have already hired an architect and have a full set of plans for us, we will be happy to provide a bid on the project.

 But even then we will need to be in contact with your architect throughout the project to clarify small details that were not clear.
It is almost impossible to catch every detail ahead of time. That is true for everything from home remodels to large commercial projects.
It is one of the reasons a DESIGN BUILD works so well. That way we can handle any details as they arise. And because we are also building the project you can be assured that we will do so immediately.
We certainly respect architects and are happy to work with them.
On most of the smaller additions and interior remodels it is typically more efficient to construct the project with a Design Build arrangement.

If your plans are simple floor plans or a sketch then please read the information below which should help to explain the design process.

What if I already have a design in mind?
 After all you have been thinking about this project for months or even sometimes years.

This is common, and the reality is that your vision will help us greatly in putting together the project that you have been dreaming of all this time.
 You have been thinking of this project for a long time and can envision the parts you like, but we have never seen it and our expertise in building it has not been put on paper yet.

The finished look of the project is of course very important.
The steps in getting to that point actually require a great deal of work ahead of time.

At first glance design might seem to be simply the quick sketch of the project you would like built.

The reality is that estimating and providing an accurate schedule for a remodeling project is based on our experience in building, our software and the history of our projects.
But in addition to that, the scope of work which we are planning on completing for you also directly influences the project cost and schedule as well.
If all of the details aren't determined prior to construction you are likely setting yourself up for a more lengthy and costly project.
We have often been handed a floor plan or given some basic details on a project and been asked to bid from that.
The reality is that the cost bid on a project with few details will actually only include a few of it's costs.

Our method places design as a seperate phase of the construction process and is one which is shared with most professional design build firms.
The first step is to relax a bit on seeing the hammers and saws come out.
Although they are exciting to see and hear, without a really concise plan there cannot be a good order.
The design process needs time to go over all of the details and put together the plans so that we all have a chance to see what we are building prior to those hammers and saws.
It is really amazing to some couples when we are going over the process and what was so clear to one person in the relationship was totally different to the other.
We see that every day, and it is completely normal.
The good news is that by finding these things out during the design we are not surprised with these details during the build.
This way we all have a really clear vision of both the costs and scope of work for the project we are going to be completing.

Project schedules are not only very important to you but imagine how far off schedule we would be if our job starts were based on an incomplete set of project details.
As a company we have to be able to project months in advance so that we can place the next job in line without a huge gap or a huge overlap from the previous one.
Also our subcontractors are typically also scheduled out months in advance and they prefer working with us because we can project job starts for them ahead of time.
By providing our team with solid work with reliable schedules we are able to retain a top notch crew which is eager to complete our work.
Nothing is more frustrating than to see a person who doesn't want to be on a job or has no respect for the people he or she is working for.
It creates a substandard product and a poor work environment.

Being a past tradesman for over 25 years I've witnessed it firsthand. We carefully screen our workers to ensure the process is both smooth and enjoyable for the crews.

Please see "Planning" for more details on this process

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