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Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project is critical to it's success.

Some common questions you are most likely to have are:

What should I expect this project to cost?
How long will it take?
C. Will your bid include everything? 

Some of our steps in helping you to plan your project are as follows.

Step 1
At our initial meeting with you, we will discuss the list of items you would like to have completed.

Step 2
  We compile our own list of things we know will need to be included and put together and estimated cost and duration for construction.

These two steps allow both of us to understand the scope and a range of cost for your project also making a  determination as to whether it fits within your budget and also whether your desired completion date will fit within our schedule.

These first two steps are at no cost or obligation and are a way for us to meet and make sure the project works for both of us.

The costs we estimate at this phase are within a basic range of the actual contract amount based on the size and complexity of the project.

Phase 2.1 Feasibility study
(Fee based on size and complexity of project)

Design Agreement

If the estimated cost and schedule seem to fit within reason of your expectations we would proceed to a Design Agreement.
The first phase of this agreement is the Feasibility study
In our initial estimate had already determined that your ideas were possible and what the estimated costs would be.
In the Feasibility study we would go into greater construction detail and firm up the hard costs for labor and building materials in order to reach a closer estimated cost.

Phase 2.2 Design Selections
This phase narrows down the focus on all of the product selections.
We also make a determination as to whether you would be best served by a design associate or whether you have the time and energy to go through all of the selections with one of the sales reps at our vendors.

Depending on the number of selections and the complexity of the project, it is often much more enjoyable to allow a design associate to help you with this process.

Should you choose to use a Design Associate an allowance would be placed for their time just as we would fine tune the allowances on your product selections.

Phase 3 Construction Contract
This step can be taken at most any point during the design process.
On more complex projects it would mean that we would have more allowances which although realistic for product could be high or low based on your final selection process.
By choosing to go to Construction Contract we can typically start your project sooner, so there are times when this option may make sense for you.

On smaller projects there will be some design work required before we can consider starting your project so a time savings would not necessarily be immediately realized on your schedule, but we may be able to place you within our schedule sooner.

Design and Construction are two separate agreements.
Design fees are not included in the construction contract, nor are building fees in the Design agreement.

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