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  Welcome to our website! 

About the owner
As the owner of American Home, Jim Wilkinson is always striving to integrate his passion for transforming houses into customized homes.
 "Our goal is to provide only the best personal service and VIP attention".

About Us

Our experience includes a vast range in Denver's building industry.
It includes participation in projects ranging from high-rise construction in the early 80's to building your local grocery store. Remodeling projects which may include the office you work in, a hotel your friends have stayed in, or your home which we transformed from one of the many other ordinary houses it used to be.

Our team
has the experience to build the project of your desires.
is really the key word to any successful project.
With our team you will also most likely find some enjoyment in the process and possibly even miss the guys once the dust has settled.

Frustrations of remodeling.
Will be be able to eliminate all of them?
Most likely not.
But with our honest approach and upfront planning we are really good at eliminating much of the unnecessary frustrations which can exist in a hastily planned project.

Equally important to us is the sanctity of your home.
Our style is that of team and of course you are our MVP (most valuable player) while we are working on your home.
We will initiate and encourage constant communication with you to ensure we create the space we had designed as well as updating any changes to the work and or schedule as the project progresses.

Remodeling is a commitment from both you and your builder.
There are a lot of decisions which need to be made.
Our team is selected from those who we feel are as equally successful in their approach in communication and problem solving as in their abilities within their own respective trades.

Planning is certainly one of the more critical components to an enjoyable project.

Please see "Planning" to learn some of the areas we include in the process to prepare the project for construction.


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