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Washington Park Home Before Construction


This Washington Park home had a really steep staircase which greeted you when you opened the front door. The rooms were small and were segregated from each other. The upper floor included two small bedrooms and the only bathroom.,  The basement was a small area of space dug out in the crawl space, which was just large enough for the furnace and water heater and was accessed by a steep old staircase which led to this area from the back porch.

Let the Demo begin!

Here you can see we removed the old back porch and opened up the crawl space and have began to dig out underneath the house

The picture below shows the old bathroom we removed.



This photo shows the floor framing installed.


The new bath shown above is much more inviting.

Due to the narrow lot and minimal setback from the neighbors property we chose to use this foam foundation formwork system.
It allowed us to leave the formwork after the pour so we didn't tear up the neighbors yard to retrieve our forms.
In addition it provided the insulation for the basement, was pre-piped with electrical boxes, and also has a rigid interior spaced equally for the installation of drywall.
This meant we had no framing to complete and could install the drywall over the Styrofoam forms also saving some square footage for this new guest bedroom.




By redesigning the entire space within the home and installing some nice friendly stairs we were able to create some nice areas.
The new open floor plan really surprises the visitors when the enter the home.
The picture above shows the finished main floor as seen from the front door.

Here we are framing the new Master Bedroom.



This picture shows this bedroom when finished.

Project Portfolio


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