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Always a good first step but relax a bit and only worry about the top 10 at this time.
Top 10 list
A. - This can be as specific as an architectural style, a basic flow you want, Specific materials you would like to integrate or it can be as simple as adding more light or storage.
Whatever is the most important thing on your mind. But don't worry about the rest that will come later.
B. Meet with a few contractors and get a sense of their style, personalities, and a basic sense on the cost.
    For a larger remodel though don't worry about pinning them down on exact cost unless you already have professional drawings and specifications for the project.
C. We of course recommend you work with a Design Build Firm such as American Home. With that process we work with you to  determine the budget range ahead of the design and then design toward that goal.
    This may mean choosing to use some less expensive finishes, possibly creating the overall project in phases, or as we work through the process making changes to help meet the budget with the design.
    It is also good to consider the financial wisdom with timing on things. This year is still a great year to consider replacement windows or upgrading that furnace with the tax credits available.
D. Construction in your home.
    As a professional remodeler we certainly appreciate and respect that our work is in your home.
    But no matter how we rearrange those words they do still mean Construction in Your Home.
    This means that no matter how nice, neat, or respectful the tradesmen and women are you must be ready to  accept that there will be drills, saws, hammers and the like
    being used daily throughout the process.
E. Mistakes
    We work hard to avoid them of course. With our experience we do avoid most of them, but there will be some. Most of the time it is something that is  corrected right away if they see it is wrong.
    At times however,no matter how conscientious the crews are someone is going to trip a breaker, or cut a buried cable line  or a material will arrive broken etc...
    The best advice is to 
Prepare Yourself  for the process,noise, dust, and inconvenience and  schedule yourself outside of the home on those important days to avoid interruptions in your day.
     Also try to remember to tell the crews about all the good things that they are doing.
     It is something as a business owner I forget myself all too often
     But it really go's a long way to a positive, productive job-site and overall experience.
     Lastly enjoy the process. You will witness the best that HGTV had ever hoped to offer!

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